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Best Foot Forward: The Rise of the Trekking Holiday

When they are thinking of getting away from it all, package holidays to destinations such as Spain or the Greek islands have often been a firm favourite with UK holiday makers looking for a bit of sunshine and some rest and recuperation. Holidays don’t always have to be all about slowing down, however. Trekking and walking holidays to destinations all around the world are now seeing a rise in popularity, as people leave the hotel pool behind to look for fun and active breaks away from their daily routine.


There are many well-established and famous trekking routes all around the world, including Everest Base Camp in Nepal, the Inca Trail in Peru, the Great Wall of China and Mount Hikers enjoying walk on amazing mountain trailKilimanjaro in Tanzania, where those keen to explore the sights on foot have over the years walked along popular paths that can be followed to this day. As well as covering the most famous places, trekking and walking holidays to less renowned locations are now also becoming more easily available. These offer the opportunity to explore what are perhaps more unfamiliar cultures, as well as hard-to-reach but awe-inspiring wildernesses, while discovering new experiences away from the beaten track.


Where to Go?


The main problem in choosing where to go on a trekking holiday is the vast array of available places waiting to be explored. Travel companies offer trekking holidays to a huge number of destinations worldwide, including those in the Himalayas, India, the Americas, Europe, Africa and the Far and Middle East. Whether you are an experienced traveller adding to your portfolio of places that you’ve already experienced close at hand or a trekking newbie looking for a guided tour of somewhere you’ve always wanted to go and see, the world is your oyster and is there waiting to be explored on foot.


A Wealth of Experiences


It’s not necessary to be a hardened long-distance hiker to enjoy trekking on holiday. Walking and trekking holidays are available for those who enjoy a gentle stroll while taking in the sights, as well as for those more accustomed to camping out or interested in accessing places that can only be reached after a few days trekking. Whether you are choosing to join an organised tour of local places of interest or seeking information to fuel a solo adventure away from areas of civilisation, what is really essential is having an active spirit, a thirst for exploring and a good pair of walking boots.


Cultural Walking Tours


For those who enjoy getting a real feel for a place beyond the more superficial tourist traps, cultural tours can provide a wealth of information on all the famous sights as well as an inside look at parts of the world that wouldn’t otherwise be easy for a tourist to access. How the local people really live, what gives a place its unique culture and the events that have formed an area’s history all give a traveller a true feel for places far from home. And the experiences that this brings will undoubtedly shape the way that you look at the world in the future.


Mountains offer an ultimate challenge which many people would like to say that they have overcome in their lifetime, and an organised trekking holiday to one of the world’s peaks is an adventurous but achievable way to reach this goal. Staffed by guides with invaluable experience of routes and the very best local knowledge, mountain-peak tours can also provide essential equipment and advice to make a once-in-a-lifetime dream a very achievable reality.


Far from being a holiday just for lone travellers or adults only, families can get in on the adventure because of the increasing availability of trekking experiences that cater for children and young people. Established family excursions around the world can include meeting local young people, exploring other cultures, and getting up close and personal with some of the planet’s more exotic wildlife. Depending on the location, families can choose to experience together a huge range of activities that children might otherwise only see in books or on television, including elephant or camel rides, river rafting or fishing, mountain or beach hikes, local festivals and getting a good look inside the ruins of foreign castles or old temples.

The Popularity of the Trekking Holiday


A wide range of factors contributes towards the rise in popularity of this type of holiday today. Global media and instant internet access enable people to learn about other cultures and the sights of the world ever more easily, fuelling a passion for those who love to explore and making even the most far-flung corners of the world seem a more accessible holiday destination.


Trekking and walking holidays allow people to delight in exploring cultures other than their own at first hand, and the rising trend for being active is beginning to make it less fashionable to sit and do nothing while soaking up the sun on beach holidays. With more companies tapping into this trend, walking holidays are becoming more readily available, and this in itself helps to feed into their popularity.


Walking holidays are suitable for couples, friends, solo travellers or active families who enjoy being on the go and exploring different cultures at first hand, with less of the feeling of being a visiting foreign tourist with only a superficial view of how other people live.


Stepping out on holiday has never been easier…..

How To Choose A Cheap Holiday

There’s no better  benefit for  striving all year than a  holiday  someplace  good. A  possibility to  charge the batteries, chill out and  simply  normally take it easy. But  occasionally  taking a trip abroad is just too  costly and many people  can not  pay for to go anywhere. With low cost holidays however, you can see the world for a fraction of the  rate!

Just like finding buried treasure,  booking cheap holidays is mostly down to looking in the  ideal  location. While most people will  promptly go to a  regional travel agent, the best  offers are  really found online. From finding  low-cost  air travels to the best luxury hotels or most  economical hostels, everything you need is right in one place  therefores finding something you  such as is incredibly easy.

The  huge majority of  individuals are  aiming to go  someplace hot. Getting some sun is  populared to  raise  state of minds and induce  leisure. Sun  vacations are  exceptionally popular, and  locations like Spain, France or Cyprus are ideal for those  trying to find short  journeys.  Taking a trip a bit  more is  definitely worth it though, as you really can get to visit paradise.  A few of the most exotic locations such as Thailand, the Maldives, Bali and the Caribbean are well within reach and  do not cost that much  to obtain to these days.

For others, hitting the slopes and feeling the adrenaline pumping is  exactly what it’s  everything about, and ski  vacations are  likewise top of the  trip list  throughout peak  periods. You’ll  discover a huge  variety of trips to colder  climates on offer, and France, Switzerland, Austria and Italy are hugely popular.  Naturally venturing further a field is also a possibility, and  range of mountains such as the Rockies, Andes and  Mountain ranges are all  fantastic. If you  discover the best value for  cash  journey, you’ll even have  sufficient  cash left over for a summer  vacation to  attempt something else.

Doing something  entirely  various and ‘out of this world’ is also on the cards for a  great deal of  individuals.  Experience holidays that  include some  type of physical and  psychological  difficulty are all the rage and examples  consist of trekking  throughout the Sahara desert or Amazon rainforest,  climbing up mountains in Nepal  and even scuba diving in the clear waters of Fiji.  Pressing yourself to the limit and beyond is a great way to feel alive and boost  self-confidence at the same time. There’s also the possibility to  integrate all sorts of adventure activities with a gap year too!

Providing something back and helping out less fortunate  people is a  really  rewarding way to spend a  getaway and there’s no  much better  means than teaching English as a foreign language (TEFL), community development or  training sports. There are loads of volunteer  positionings out there doing a wealth of things, so whether you’re on a career break, gap year or  simply want to do something  wonderful and not  invest a lot of money, it’s  definitely an  choice. It  so  takes place that many unfortunate people  stay in exotic  locations such as Africa, South East Asia  as well as South America. Get a tan and take in the culture while  assisting others realize their dreams.

When you  understand what kind of holiday you  really want, finding  someplace to  remain is  critical. There  many  lodging options that include world renowned luxury hotels,  low-cost  visitors’ hostels or even  campgrounds. Whether you’re going on a  brief city break, a longer  trip or are booking at the last minute, all you need to do is  have a look at the  web. There’s  constantly something  readily available, and comparison sites let you put in your  information and then browse through results. Arranged by  cost, hotel stars  and even  range from the  flight terminal, you can make an informed decision and  see to it it’s the  ideal one. For those who are going all inclusive on package deals, hotels are  commonly included and on  huge resorts, there’s something for everyone! Take a look at this guide to choosing cheap holidays.

happy young  people group have fun on beachGetting there is  likewise half the battle and  typically where the most  cash is spent. Flights are increasing in  rate every year as things like fuel become more  costly,  however  once more  making use of  inexpensive  air travel comparison  websites  permits you to  customize everything to your  requirements. It’s a  easy case of entering your dates, number of  guests, what class you  desire  and afterwards clicking go. A multitude of  outcomes  will certainly appear and you can sift through them at your leisure,  choosing the best ones. It’s  basic, quick and  really straightforward.

So if you’re  wanting to go somewhere for less and  unwind, have an adventure or experience something totally different, there’s a  myriad of  alternatives for low cost holidays. Why pay over the odds for something you can do for a  portion of the cost by being  creative and  browsing? When you’re  remaining on the beach sipping  mixed drinks or laying eyes on some  stunning landscapes in far flung places and it’s not cost you a great deal, that smile will  never ever  vanish!

Tips On Packing A Suitcase

Travel packing  ideas: How to pack light and still stay in style I’ll admit it, when it  concerns packing I’ll  clear my entire closet out and  attempt and  pack  all of it in one  huge suitcase.  The majority of it  returns unworn and wrinkled. After years of travel, I  have actually  concerned  value the  art of packing and I am slowly  finding out  the best ways to pack a  travel suitcase and how to pack lightly. Here are a  couple of travel packing  pointers to  help in the task of packing.

Selecting the  ideal suitcase The first step to  wonderful packing is to  acquire a  excellent bag. Sure, you can go to a discount store and buy a £20  travel suitcase, but it’s not going to last.  Baggage is something worth  purchasing. A  excellent  luggage can last years, if not  years. Plus, cheap suitcases don’t  secure the contents  along with an  pricey one will. Last, a bag with wheels is much easier on your shoulder and much easier to transport than a duffel bag.

To  continue or not to carry on? I  will not lie, I get a small  satisfaction from exiting the  aircraft and  strolling right out the door, while  everybody else  needs to wait and  take on there way to their bags on the conveyor belt. I  constantly  suggest  bring your luggage on. It saves time and you  do not  need to wait for your bags or  fret about losing them. It also  needs you to pack less. It’s important to keep in mind airline  constraints on carry-on items though. There are size  restrictions,  typically no more than 40 pounds and it  needs to fit in the overhead compartments or under your seat. If you are traveling with children or  continuing your  travel luggage is not an option,  see to it to  identify your luggage correctly and  remove any unnecessary tags to  make sure that your luggage gets to you  securely. Also, if I have to  inspect my  baggage I always pack my toothbrush and a clean pair of  underclothing in my carry-on  simply in case my  travel luggage gets  postponed.

Packing a suitcase Choose,  select and lose I  make sure that  brand-new  summertime dress is very thinning, but you’re going to be hiking in the mountains. The  very first packing  suggestion is to bring only what you need. I always go through my closet and pull out everything I  wish to bring  and afterwards  position the items in stacks. Then I put  a minimum of half of it back into the closet,  selecting only the items I need. Keep the  weather condition,  exactly what  type of activities you  will certainly be partaking in and the location in mind. I recommend packing solid colors and  fundamental clothing  products that can be  quickly pieced together and  will certainly match the other  clothes items you pack. Instead of packing a  sweatshirt, try packing a light jacket. It will look nicer and  most likely will match more items. Remember to pack at least one dressy outfit as well.  Ladies, don’t feel obligated to pack  products like skirts if you don’t  intend on  using them. A  fancy pair of slacks  will certainly suffice. Shoes are  products that  occupy a  great deal of space when packing.  Use one pair of comfortable shoes on the  airplane that match all your outfits,  and afterwards pack one pair of sandals and one pair of dressy shoes in your  baggage.

The other stuff Clothes are not the only things that are packed. Toiletries can  quickly start to  accumulate and  use up lots of  area. Nowadays everything can be  gotten in travel size and they  occupy a lot less space then a jumbo bottle of  hair shampoo. Items like blow-dryers are not  needed  thinking about most hotels come with one. Keep the toiletries  very little and  just bring  exactly what’s necessary, plus if something  shows up, you can always purchase things once you  have actually reached your destination.

The best ways to pack a  case and make it all fit One  usual packing  accident is wrinkly clothes.  Ideally, by lightening your load and only packing the necessities, you will have room in your  travel suitcase for everything to fit and it won’t get wrinkled. Plus, the  enjoyable part of vacationing is  purchasing things and by packing  gently you’ll have extra room in your  travel suitcase for the things you  get along the way. Second, rolling your  clothes like  trousers and t-shirts saves  great deals of  space and they can  quickly be stacked. Other items like  sweatshirts or button-up shirts need to be folded neatly in a square and the wrinkles  ought to be smoothed out.  Putting  products like socks inside your shoes conserves space and is a  wonderful packing  idea.

I had a  good friend travel to Spain and  as soon as she arrived she  discovered her bottle of perfume  had actually broken and leaked over all her  clothing. Needless to say she smelled good the  whole trip. Toiletries,  specifically  products like perfume and shampoo,  need to be  positioned in sealed plastic bags and  far from your  clothing, so in case they leak they  will certainly not  overcome everything else.

The most  vital packing  suggestion for  getaways is to plan ahead. Check the  weather report  prior to packing so you will be  ready clothing wise. Also, don’t wait until the last minute to pack, because you will  certainly end up over packing.  Simply follow these few, simple travel packing tips and you’ll  discover  the best ways to pack a  travel suitcase lightly. So,  right here’s to a wrinkle-free, fun-filled  trip.

Passport Office, Delays With Processing

It would appear that all the UK government cutbacks are beginning to make a significant difference to public services with the Passport Office seemingly in disarray with a backlog that is beyond belief. It would  normally take about 4 weeks to have a passport renewed and around 6 for a new application to be processed however, it would appear that people havepassport

been having to wait at least double that time. The recommendation has always been to make sure that your passport is renewed or that you apply for one well in advance of travel abroad but this is not always possible. There have been reports of people losing their holidays or missing family events such as weddings due to the Passport Office debacle. Questions have been raised in Parliament and additional funding has been allocated to work through the backlog of applications. So, the lesson here is, if you are planning to travel abroad, make sure that your passport is valid well before the date of travel. I myself would be renewing mine at least 6 months in advance so that if there were any issues, there is plenty of time to sort it out before I leave.


Thousands of people have suffered unnecessary stress and expense caused by the government’s Passport Office over the past few months. Having cut hundreds of staff and closed several offices, 2014 was always going to be a difficult year. But in spite of warnings from civil servants, preparations were not put in place to deal with this year’s expected surge – and thousands of people ended up with no passport as their holiday date approached.

In many cases, this was resolved at the last minute – using the fast track or premium same day service – but for a small number, entire holidays had to be cancelled. As we heard on BBC’s Watchdog last night, one family missed a close relative’s wedding.

Although the Passport Office has been quick to point out that its three-week turnaround for its standard processing service is only a guideline, it needs to accept that it simply isn’t acceptable to spend months turning round an application – and leave consumers paying for the consequences of its inadequacy.

Governments hate paying out compensation. But it is not unprecedented. A few years ago, the Parliamentary Ombudsman ordered the government to pay hundreds of millions of pounds in compensation to customers of Equitable Life, after concluding that the government’s incompetence had contributed to its collapse.

Although we’re unlikely to be talking about sums anywhere near as large in this case, I imagine that there is probably a few million pounds now owed to families who lost out as a result of the passport fiasco.

On last night’s Watchdog, the Home Office conceded that it would be willing to look at claims on a case-by-case basis. But my advice to anyone who thinks they’ve got a valid claim would be to get ready for a fight. I imagine that the default position will still be to reject claims. But this is not the end of the line.

From here, victims still have the right to escalate their claim to the chief executive of the Passport Office, and even on to the Parliamentary Commissioner for Administration – although they need to get their MP to represent them in these latter two stages.

Given that Parliamentary Ombudsman have ordered the government to pay compensation before, I could see them doing it again in this instance.

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What Are Ordnance Survey Maps?

Ordnance survey maps, also referred to as OS, are part of the national agency for mapping for Great Britain. It is also one of the leading producers of maps in the world. The agency isAntique Map of Europe also part of the executive agency, trading fund and the non-ministerial government for the United Kingdom. Ordnance survey is located under the umbrella of the Department for Business, Innovation and Skills. The agency is also considered part of the Public Data Group.

The name of the agency provides insight into the original reason why the agency was started in the first place. This type of military mapping was crucial especially in Scotland during the Jacobite Rebellion of 1745. It was also during this time there was a greater need for this type of mapping due to the increase in the threat of an invasion that was occurring during the Napoleonic Wars. The threat was reflected when the War Department’s logo was included in the agency’s logo.

This type of mapping is typically defined as being large scaled or small scaled. Large scale maps include more details, and small scale maps include fewer details. The large scale maps consists of maps that shows distances from several inches to a mile or greater. These types of mapping were also available as large sheet maps until the mid-1980s. After that, the maps became digital.

Small scale maps consist of distances that are less than six inches to a mile. One of the most popular small scale maps are leisure maps. The only difference is that these maps are still available as sheet maps.

Ordnance survey maps are copyrighted up to fifty years after the maps have been produced. Many of the copyright libraries hold almost complete versions of the sheet Ordnance survey maps.

How Ordnance Survey Maps Originated

The history of Ordnance survey dates back to the mid-1700s when a Lieutenant Colonel by the name of David Watson made a proposal. He suggested that a compilation map was devised of the Highlands in Scotland. This was in response to the Jacobite Rebellion of 1745. In response, the king (King George II) placed Watson in charge of surveying the Highlands as a military exhibition. Watson was working under the command of Duke of Cumberland.

Watson, along with several assistants, produced a survey that included a survey that had a scale of one inch to one thousand yards. The map was called The Duke of Cumberland’s Map. This first Ordnance Survey map is now housed in the British Library.

Roy, one of Watson’s assistants, moved on to have a very successful career with the Royal Engineers. He was one of those who were responsible for the British contribution to the French and British observatories. The leadership and the skills that Roy had acquired helped to set the standard for which Ordnance Survey became known for. Hard work for the mapping system began in the late 1790s.

In 1791, the mapping board received a newer version of the mapping system that Roy developed, and started work for a mapping system for the southern portion of Great Britain. The five mile baseline of the new map crossed what is now part of the Heathrow airport. Postage stamps, released in 1991, helped to mark the bicentennial anniversary of the Ramsden Theodolite.

In the early 1800s, the first inch to the mile map was created and released. This map first detailed Kent, then it detailed Essex. The Kent map was privately published, while the Essex map was publicly published. The Kent map stopped at the attached border and the Essex map ignored the border. This helped to set the precedence that Ordnance Survey maps followed.

The County Series Ordnance Survey Great Britain Maps

After the first maps for Ireland were created in the 1800s, similar proposals for maps for England and Wales were a result of the Tithe Commutation Act 1836. Procrastination by officials delayed the surveys for years. However railroad development in the area increased pressure, and this pressure resulted in the Ordnance Survey Act 1841.

After the early to mid-1800s, the agency began to focus on the County Series for Great Britain. This was a survey that was reflective of an earlier survey in Ireland. There was a start to map the entire country, one county at a time. This mapping was to be completed at a scale of six inches to the mile. However, after 1854, these six inch maps and all of the revised copies became based on the twenty-five inch maps.

From the early 1900s, specifically between the years of 1911 and 1913, the agency became to photo enlarge many of the sheet maps that were 1:2500 sheets. This was done for the purposes of Inland Revenue and Land Valuation.

The late 19th century, up to the 1940s, came with many changes in the industry. The agency began to produce many restricted versions of War Department sheet maps and County Series maps. These are maps that included military camps, naval installations and dockyards.

The 20th Century Ordnance Survey Maps

During the First World War, the agency began to prepare maps for other areas of Europe such as Belgium and France. After the Second World War, other maps were created including a 1:25000 map for Italy and a 1:50000 map for NE France.

The Ordnance Survey agency announced in 2010 that certain operations were going to be outsourced. In 2011, the staff relocated to a new location. However, these maps have and will always be a significant part of Great Britain’s past, present and future.

Have You Considered A Sailing Holiday?

When the concept of a sailing vacation initially occurs, exactly what is it you think about? The location? The type of boat? The crew? The expense? The sailing company? There are Yacht Sailing against sunset.Sailboat.Sepia tonedmany possibilities all around the world and with a lot choice it’s practically difficult to choose.


Experience informs me that a common search on any search engine includes the words sailing and holidays. This brings you around 14 million ideas of possible vacations ranging from the wet shores of Britain, travelling through the star-studded Med and best throughout to the warm coasts of Australia, not to mention the hundreds of terrific countries between.


Perhaps the next choice is exactly what sort of yacht you wish to go on. Although you searched for ‘ cruising vacations’, unfortunately the term ‘sail’ is a older term and very broadly made use of across the boating world. For example, when a 1000 metre-long cruise liner ‘sets sail’ the only fabric flying today is their ensign! Perhaps you need to specify the size of vessel you want to utilize such as cruise liner, very yacht, motor yacht, racing yacht or sailing yacht. Do you want a whole yacht? Are you going to fill it up with friends and family or do you just really want a cabin? Lots of business now offer crewed sailing vacations on a cabin-based cost. Adding in these crucial keywords will certainly get your selections to between 150,000 to 600,000.


If one wishes to be entirely self-dependent, a bareboat is probably right for you. However don’t write-off a crew completely and look out for hidden extra costs.


Including a crew and captain into the equation takes your outcomes down even further to a almost bite-size 69,000! Crewed charters may appear to some like a failure or a compromise, however in reality, captains and crew exist to make sure you have the vacation you desire. Skippers generally enjoy to see their guests taking the helm and sailing the boat themselves but also value that some days all you wish to do is lie back in the sun and be required to your next destination, in which case they take pleasure in doing the sailing themselves. The team is the same, although they generally cook the main meals, they’re happy to assist you ashore, they’ll do the housekeeping and clean the cabins every day. And they’ll suggest to you the best areas to check out, where the best bars and restaurants are, not just because this is where they hang out but because they think that these places will suit you. Any crew and captain worth their salt exist to make sure you enjoy your sailing holiday as much as possible and will go to fantastic lengths to ensure that’s what occurs.


The cost is a tricky one and online search engine do not constantly acknowledge monetary values so how else can you get round this? Try using words such as ‘luxury’ or if you really want the other end of the spectrum, ‘ low-cost’. Maybe you wish to consist of ‘culture’ or ‘fine dining’. Whatever it is you desire from the holiday, throw it into your search. When looking at the expense of a sailing vacation, bear these points in mind:.

Does the rate consist of the fuel?

Does the cost include the food?

Does the rate consist of berthing fees?

Does the price include linen and toiletries?

Are you anticipated to pay for an end of week clean?

Are your air travels consisted of?

Do you get any extra devices such as snorkels or fishing gear?

Exactly what insurance coverage do they have?


All these, although each one by itself looks small, can combine to increase the cost of your holiday.



Lastly, many individuals when searching for a sailing holiday return to a business they’ve used prior to, one that has been recommended to them by a fellow sailor or simply one they might have become aware of. With a lot of business out there it can be challenging to pick who to go with so perhaps the very best option is one that appeals to you personally and ticks all your boxes. See to it that the business is a bona fide registered company and you speak to somebody on the telephone when making an enquiry. See if they have a Facebook page that you can like, follow them on Twitter and look at review sites to see what other clients are saying about them. Actually get a feel for the company before you turn over your hard-earned money.


By fine-tuning your searches you’ll get exactly what you wish for. Remember, the computer system is not psychic, you still need to tell it exactly what you want to find!

Seven Reasons why Organised Trekking Holidays are the Best

Walking and trekking can be a fantastic way to spend a holiday. A trekking holiday will help you to get fit while enjoying the beauty of nature and some spectacular sights and scenery. It will also get your blood flowing and fill your lungs with fresh air, helping you to feel invigorated and enhancing your enjoyment.


They say a change is as good as a rest, so although walking holidays are active and often exciting, you should still return feeling refreshed and rejuvenated. A trekking holiday can be a

trekking holidays

Walking & trekking holidays with Mountain Kingdoms

great all-round option, but to really get the most out of it you may want to choose a professionally organised option. There is a lot more to organising your perfect trekking holiday than simply choosing a destination and going out walking. Opting for a pre-organised holiday will provide a number of advantages that you may not get if you plan your own trekking adventure.


Level of Difficulty


When choosing a trekking holiday that has been professionally organised, you will be able to make sure you choose a trek that matches your capabilities. Obviously if you are relatively new to trekking, you are unlikely to want to attempt one of the most difficult and strenuous routes around. At the same time, if you are an experienced trekker who is specifically looking for a challenge you could be disappointed if you plan your own route and then find it is easier than you expected.


It is sometimes possible to get a general idea of difficulty just from what other people say about the destination, but this can be unreliable. Everybody’s idea of difficulty will vary, and following a different route can make all the difference. The difficulty levels for organised trekking holidays will be decided by professionals who have much more experience and can give an objective view.


Proper Preparation is Assured


Some treks require important preparation. This may be as simple as making sure that all walkers are aware of potential hazards or specific challenges that will be encountered on the route. Alternatively, there might be need to acclimatise to factors such as temperature and altitude.


Choosing an organised trekking holiday will ensure that you are properly prepared before the trek. Preparation will include professional guidance from somebody who is familiar with the area and with just how much acclimatisation is necessary for a safe, pleasant walk.


Enjoy The Best Routes


Sometimes, the choice of route can make all the difference to a trekking holiday. While most of the spectacular destinations you may choose will make it nearly impossible to choose a disappointing walk, choosing the wrong route can mean you miss out on specific sites or the most suitable spots.


With an organised trekking holiday, the route will have been planned out in detail by people who are familiar with the area to make sure you get the most out of it. This will be carefully balanced, of course, with making sure it still maintains the appropriate level of difficulty.


Meet Like-Minded People


Although not a necessity, it is always nice to meet like-minded people on holiday and to make new friends. If you plan your own walking holiday, this is less likely to happen. While it is always possible you will strike up a friendship with somebody staying nearby, it will be down to chance.


If you choose an organised trekking holiday, you will usually form part of a group. You will be able to share the experience with people who have the same interest in trekking as you do, and who also share your interest in the destination you have chosen.


A Professional Guide


An organised trekking holiday will give you the assistance of a professional guide. They know the area well, so will be able to make sure you do not get lost and also ensure that you don’t miss anything truly spectacular that the location has to offer. They may also be able to enhance your experience with interesting information about the place you are walking through.


Furthermore, a professional guide will be able to help you with any challenges you may face on the walk. They will be able to judge if something is proving too much and try to find a way around the problem. This will help to ensure your trek remains safe and pleasant.



Encouragement comes from both fellow walkers and professional guides. If there are only one or two people walking – especially if they are having a similar experience – then trekking can get tough towards the end of the day when you are feeling worn out. This can hamper your enjoyment and make what should be a pleasant walk seem more like a trudge to the end.


With professional guides and a larger group of fellow walkers, there will be more encouragement available if things get tough. Everyone will be able to support and encourage each other, and help to make sure that things stay positive even if they do become a bit more challenging. This will make the experience far more pleasant and help you to enjoy every step of the trek.


Emergency Help


Trekking often takes in remote locations, so safety and the availability of help can be big concerns. If you organise your own trekking holiday on a more informal basis, then you may not have much help available if an emergency should occur during the time you spend walking. Even if you are walking with friends, family or a partner, the help may not be as expert as you would like.


On an organised trek, help will be more readily available should some unfortunate incident occur. For example, if you become injured then you can be sure that first aid is available. If further help should be needed, then a professional guide will be well-equipped to ensure that it arrives as soon as possible and will also know how to respond to the situation in the meantime.

Use This Travel Information To Help Plan Your Trip

Regardless of whether you travel for business or pleasure, we hope that these travel tips can help make the journey more pleasant. As travel has become faster and cheaper over recent years, there is still a big difference in costs and the savvy traveller will be prepared to spend some time preparing their travel arrangements.

Many people are nervous of flying and it can be an uncomfortable experience. For one thing, unless you are able to fly business class, it will be cramped and you may not be able to sit next to family members. Most flights are quite boring as is all the waiting around in the airport. The important thing to remember when flying is to drink plenty of water as it is a dehydrating atmosphere and if you are going to a hot destination, the last thing you need is to arrive dehydrated.

When travelling to foreign lands, be aware of the cultural differences and be respectful of their culture and traditions. Destinations such as Dubai are now very popular but you need to be aware that it is essentially a Muslim country although it appears very westernised. Do some research before you go so that you can be prepared for your visit to that country.

If you are taking a holiday with more than one child, it can be a good idea to pack clothes for each child in large plastic bags such as freezer bags. You can then label the bags with the child’s name so that their clothes can be found and unpacked quickly and easily when you reach your destination.

These days, you can buy toiletries in travel sizes which makes packing them so much easier. For business travellers, it might be a good idea to buy a set of toiletries and keep it just for when you are on the road. This can save time when packing and also means you are less likely to forget something essential such as tooth paste.

It is a well known fact that tourists are a magnet for thieves and pickpockets. Stay vigilant and be aware of those around you and where your belongings are. Never leave bags or valuables such as cameras or mobile phones unattended, keep a good hold of things and if possible keep valuables out of sight. Never flash the cash, that really is asking for trouble.

If you are taking a foreign holiday or business trip, be aware of the law of the land. You do not need to be an expert but it pays to be aware of local laws that you might fall foul of whilst there. Find out where the nearest embassy or consulate is but do be aware that if you do commit a crime, they may not be able to help you and you will be subject to whatever trial and punishment is meted out.  This leads nicely on to one of the most common pieces of advice given by virtually every government, do not under any circumstances accept packages from people you do not know. If you are caught with illegal, ignorance is not a defence and you could be sentenced to a long jail term.

Air travel need not break the bank. There are lots of different ways of finding the flight you want without spending too much. There are lots of budget airlines nowadays but do look at where the destination airport is, it might be a long way away from where you want to go to and the onward part of your journey could set you back a considerable amount of money. Flying out of the holiday season can save you money, particularly if you purchase accommodation at the same time.

Having a bit of knowledge about travelling can save you time, money and stress. Experienced travellers will not only get to their destinations more cheaply but they often get there more quickly. Use the tips in this article to help you prepare for your next journey.